Propaganda Campaign

Our propaganda campaign is based on the government from Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. In Fahrenheit 451 the government does not want people to read because it would lead people to think for themselves. The people who are living under this government get their information from radio like ear buds, or flat screen television like technology that only shows soap operas.

My group made posters, and a radio advert as propaganda trying to convince people to turn in their books for burning. We decided that posters would be a way in which this government spread their propaganda because they are a simple and constant way of remind people of what you want them to do. I did three posters that focused on burning books in general, using quotes from Fahrenheit 451. Katie, Carla, and Lauren made posters for individual books we thought would be particularly dangerous. We also decided that the radio advert would be good because it could be streamed into the earbuds, as a reminder.

Here is the radio advert that Carla created for us:

Here are the general posters that I created reminding people to turn in their books for burning:

Book Burning Poster_4 Book Burning Poster_2 Book Burning Poster_1

Here is Katie’s poster warning against Slaughterhouse-Five:

Propaganda Poster 2

Here is Carla’s poster warning against Mein Kampf:

Propaganda Poster 1

And here is Lauren’s poster warning against The Jungle:

Propaganda Poster 3

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Propaganda Project Topic

For the Propaganda Project, my group decided to do a propaganda campaign based on the government from the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. We are making posters and a radio ad that stress the idea that books are evil and should be turned over to the government or fire department to be destroyed.   I have already made some of my posters (an example of one is below), and I am using quotes from Fahrenheit 451 and from the book cover for the theme of the poster. Lauren, Katie, and Carla are making posters that will be against specific books. Book Burning Poster_4