Activity for Thursday:

Table 1 – Bangladesh

Table 2 – Peru

Table 3 – Sudan

Table 4 – Tajikistan

What social, political, and economic obstacles have caused these countries to become affected by the digital divide?

Class Activity for Tuesday

  1. What was the first movie with sound?
  2. What is the smallest country in the world?
  3. How many fingers did Anne Boleyn have?
  4. Who was the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms?
  5. When did the American Civil War end?
  6. Name the four members of The Beatles.
  7. What president is on the $50 bill?
  8. In 1995, President Bill Clinton appointed what woman as the first-ever female Secretary of State?
  9. How many Californias could fit inside Alaska? Closer to 2, 4, or 6?
  10. Which city is used as the reference point for 0 degrees of longitude?
  11. Who was the only president to serve more than two terms?
  12. True or false: In addition to the novel Little Women, the author Louisa May Alcott also wrote Little Men.
  13. Steven Spielberg won his first directing Oscar for his work in what 1994 film?
  14. What is the only state whose name is single syllable?
  15. Name all of the Great Lakes.
  16. Just before the US Civil war, what were the first two states to secede from the union?
  17. Saltwater oceans cover approximately what percentage of the earth’s surface?
  18. In what year was President JFK assassinated?

Thursday Activity

Times Citizen Journalism Impacted the Public:

1. Occupy Wall Street

2. Egypt

3. Ebola

4. School shooting in Washington last week – student who was there tweeted about it.

5. Ferguson, MO

6. Created websites in response to rise of citizen journalism

7. Movie theater shooting in Aurora, CO

Five Ways the Cloud Benefits the Public:

1. Supposedly easier to share things and send files.

2. Air drop is useful.

3. Backs up info, so if phone/computer/etc. dies, you still have your pictures, etc.

Five time the Cloud didn’t benefit the public:

1. Easily hacked.

2. Takes up a lot of space on the phone, the Cloud is never big enough.

3. Confusing, hard to use.

4. Expensive if you want more space.

5. Doesn’t automatically save your data, you have to tell it to manually.


Radio Broadcast: 1957 Launch of Sputnik

For our radio broadcast project, our group decided to create a fictional radio station that broadcasted the day of the launch of Sputnik in 1957. This was the first time a vessel was launched into space, and it was completed by the Russians (U.S.S.R.), which frightened many Americans in the time of the Space Race. Shannon and Christian’s reactions offer two different possible reactions that every day Americans may have had at the time.

Projects I Would Like to Do This Semester

1. I really like the idea of creating Twitter accounts so groups/individuals can live Tweet historical events. It would be very interesting to see how reports of historical events, such as the sinking of the Titanic, would have looked if people on the ship as well as news outlets described it as it was happening. In addition, for instance, during the War of 1812, the Battle of New Orleans was fought after the signing of the Treaty of Ghent was signed. If instant information was available like it is today, it is possible that the battle never would have taken place. After this activity, groups could reflect on this differences and how it applies today.

  • Website: Twitter

2. Another project that would be interesting to do is recreating cave paintings/finger paintings. In a time when practically everyone can express their thoughts and ideas instantly with words, I think it would be an important exercise. We are not used to having to express thoughts, etc. with pictures. Each group could do a painting and then the class could look at them and try to determine the message or idea represented.

  • Tools: paint, paper

3. A third idea that I think we should do is to create a propaganda campaign or false dictatorship. This assignment would allow the class to fully utilize the technology that the Convergence Center has to offer. After each group completes their campaign, it could be displayed on the media wall or the giant screens in the lobby.

  • Tools and software: microphone, Final Cut Pro, digital camera, video camera, green room, Photoshop, etc.

Why I Am Taking This Class

I decided to take the History of the Information Age because I am interested to learn how technology has developed and changed over time. I actually know very little about the history of information and its exchange. Although I initially thought “the Information Age” meant we would only be covering modern technology, in our first two classes, I realized that forms of communication and information can go as far back as cave paintings. I am also taking this class because it counts towards the History major, and I plan to graduate in May.

Some topics I would like to cover this semester include:

  • Hieroglyphs
  • American and international propaganda during WWI and WWII
  • Morse code
  • Telegrams
  • The printing press


  • Groups create their own propaganda films, posters, etc.
  • A class-wide project