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I am a Professor of History and American Studies & the Special Assistant to the Provost for Teaching, Technology, and Innovation at the University of Mary Washington.

Thursday’s Class

Today’s class:

1) Take 10 minutes as a table to A)summarize the 3 key points of an assigned section of Downey or Winston and B)find at least one image, video, or audio clip that summarizes your assigned reading.  Post that to one of your blogs and tweet out the post with the #infoage hashtag.

2) We will continue to discuss the reading (revisiting the questions of “What is the Information Age?” and “What are the eras of communication technology?”).

3) We will finalize topics, assignments, and values for the syllabus

4) We will begin sign-up for weeks to lead discussion.

Today’s class and Assignments for Thursday

Today we worked with Tim Owens on Knightlab’s Timelines, Mapping, and StoryMap Jim Groom on Known, and Andy Rush on media production.

By Wednesday at 5 pm, publish a blog post about which 3 assignments you absolutely want to do this semester (with which tools/software you’d like to use*).

By Thursday at class, have read all of Downey, and the Intro for Winston.  

*They can use the tools we learned about today, but they don’t have to.

During Thursday’s class, we will:

1) discuss the reading (revisiting the questions of “What is the Information Age?” and “What are the eras of communication technology?”), starting with a 5-minute activity

2) finalize topics and assignments for the syllabus

3) begin sign up for weeks to lead discussion.

Assignments by Sunday evening

By Sunday at 11:59 PM:

  • — Set up a Twitter account (or use an existing one) and follow me (@jmcclurken) and/or your classmates and/or some of the scholars from the DH Compendium.  When you tweet about our class use the hashtag #InfoAge14.
  • — Install a WordPress blog on your Domain of One’s Own account or UMWblogs.
  • — Add your blog to the class blogroll using the add link widget on this blog.  [Use Twitter to ask Dr. McClurken or a classmate for the password.]
  • — Write and publish first blog post on why you’re taking the class and what topics/assignments you want this semester.
  • Comment on the class Google Doc topic choices and Assignment ideas — use comment to identify top two topics in each part of the class, top 3 assignments you’d like to do.

Thursday’s Class

Today’s topics:

  • Defining the Information Age
    • Write your table’s definition (and other items today) here.
  • Thinking through topics by era
  • Brainstorming Assignments
  • Developing an Information Architecture for the Popular Representations of Information Technology Database  (It’s not as scary as it sounds.)