1)      Recreating Cave paintings — 10% as Groups –convey to class

  1. Or conveying a message through other form of early communication: cuneiform, hieroglyphics, old Norse runes, smoke signals, Chinese calligraphy, etc.
  2. Compiling class collection electronically
  3. — Due Tuesday, September 16  Groups — A) Lauren, Amy, Carla and Katie.
    B) Jack, Bruce, Jess R., and Emily
    C) Suzannah, S​hannon, Eric, Christian
    D) Gwendolyn, Mary, Jess H.

2)       Timeline/Database of representations of communication tech in popular media. — 0% as Groups  — Proposals for timeline/database projects due Monday, September 22 with Projects to be completed by later in the semester (date to be negotiated as a class, but likely mid-November).

Assignment for Monday, 9/22, publish a blog post with the following:  

  • Brainstorm 5 representations of information/communication technology for each member of your group
  • Suggest 1 or 2 ways that such representations might be created (filling out a text only form, clips/screen captures, infographic, animated gif, etc.)


3)      Develop a radio broadcast or news anchor interview about a real or made-up event, present or past — 10% as Groups — Due Tuesday, September 30


4)   Live Tweeting Past Historical Events   — 10% as Individuals (or, with approval, as Groups with different people as different parts) — Due Thursday, October 16

  1. Then chart the tweets on a timeline/MapStory? OR Storify and post to your blog.
  2. Measuring impact of twitter and other forms of communication


5)      Propaganda campaign — 10% as Groups — Due Thursday, October 30 

  1. Develop a propaganda campaign, create a false dictatorship (more here)
  2. Media wall?

6)      End of the semester projects – Choose 1 — 10%  —  Due Monday, December 1

  1. Making an infographic or video to display in the ITCC on ethics in the Digital Age (Individual)
  2. Documentary/video — video representation of the timeline of the entire class (Group)
  3. Infographic or other representation of research about the digital divide  (Individual)
  4. Late in the semester, something with the greenscreen. (Group)
  5. Final post — Timeline of your work this semester (with evaluations) (Individual)

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