Tuesday Readings–Week 7

Bergin, Thomas. “What is a Computer? An Answer from the Past,” Annals of the History of Computing 36, no. 3 (Summer 2014): 80-84. doi: 10.1109/MAHC.2014.48 ​ (accessed October 5, 2014).

Light, Jennifer. “When Computers Were Women,” Technology and Culture 40, no. 3 (July 1999): 455-483. http://ezproxy.umw.edu:2048/login?url=http://search.proquest.com.ezproxy.umw.edu/docview/198455336?accountid=12299 (accessed October 5, 2014).

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I am a Professor of History and American Studies & the Special Assistant to the Provost for Teaching, Technology, and Innovation at the University of Mary Washington.
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