Today’s class and Assignments for Thursday

Today we worked with Tim Owens on Knightlab’s Timelines, Mapping, and StoryMap Jim Groom on Known, and Andy Rush on media production.

By Wednesday at 5 pm, publish a blog post about which 3 assignments you absolutely want to do this semester (with which tools/software you’d like to use*).

By Thursday at class, have read all of Downey, and the Intro for Winston.  

*They can use the tools we learned about today, but they don’t have to.

During Thursday’s class, we will:

1) discuss the reading (revisiting the questions of “What is the Information Age?” and “What are the eras of communication technology?”), starting with a 5-minute activity

2) finalize topics and assignments for the syllabus

3) begin sign up for weeks to lead discussion.

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