Why I Am Taking the History of the Information Age

I’m taking this class because I don’t know very much about about the spread of information and people’s perceptions of information. I also hope to learn how to use more forms of technology in the creation of class projects since I do not consider myself very tech-savvy. Additionally, I think this class will help me develop my skills as a class discussion leader and encourage me to find creative and innovative ways to represent my academic research.

Some of the topics that I would like to cover this semester include:

  • Wartime photography (Especially the American Civil War)
  • Various forms of art
  • The postal service
  • Propaganda
  • Film
  • Identity in the Digital Age
  • Ethics
  • The Digital Divide

Since this is an honors class, I would like to do interdisciplinary projects where I can bring in my additional skills and knowledge from historic preservation, English, and music and combine them with resources available at the ITCC. Some of these projects include:

  • A project featuring a traditional form of story/history/creation myth-telling
  • Conveying a message through an early form of communication such as cave paintings, cuneiform, hieroglyphics, old Norse runes, smoke signals, Chinese calligraphy, etc.
  • Making an infographic or video to display in the ITCC on ethics in the Digital Age

History of the Information Age

Hello Everyone!

So this semester I will be taking part in my first 400 level history class. At first I was a little nervous to sign up for this course seeing as  I have no technological skills what so ever, but so far it has been pretty awesome. The course is called History of the Information Age, which is kind of an ominous title. We spent the first two classes discussing what we thought constituted the “technological age.” Everyone seemed to have a different opinion on what exactly technology is and thus what was the start of the technological age?

I signed up for this class initially because I am starting my journey into the Digital Studies minor.  It also didn’t hurt that this class was hosted in the new convergence center at Mary Washington. I may or may not have had a very strong urge to sign up for a class that gave me the opportunity to play with all the new equipment.  And after the first week of classes I’m now seeing that this course was the perfect choice!

We spent last class period coming up with an array of possible project ideas that we could carry out throughout the semester. Some of the ideas included recreating an old film trailer using new innovative technologies (i.e Michael Bay trailer for “Gone With the Wind”), cave painting charades, creating documentaries on various technologies, using the green screen to recreate scenarios, and many other great ideas. I honestly do not have much of a preference which of these projects we carry out as long as we get to learn and use a much of the new offered technologies in the convergence center as we can. I desperately want to learn how to use the green room, and the new editing equipment, and anything else the building has to offer.

I can’t wait to get started and see what Dr. McClurken chooses for our projects! I will keep updating this blog as our class progresses through the semester. Hopefully I will be able to publish some of our work on here and you too can experience the greatness of the new Information and Technology Convergence Center on the Mary Washington campus!


History of the Information Age

I’m taking this class because I am interested in possibly taking the digital studies minor and I also enjoy classes like this with group projects taking advantage of the many cool technologies we have at the UMW like the 3d printer and the entire Convergence Center building. The topics that interest me the most are the SNL skit, newspaper, and something regarding cave paintings. The skit I think would be really fun, almost a game in a sense. As far as the newspaper, I think it would be really cool to possibly start something that every class after ours could follow. In addition, Dr. McClurken mentioned that he hoped our work would be going to people outside of the classroom, and that would be a good way for the whole school to see it. I like the idea of cave paintings because I like studying ancient history like that.

History of the Info Age

I am taking the History of the Information Age course because it is something that interested me when I was choosing my classes.  I did not know what exactly the course entailed, so I decided to check it out.  So far, I am extremely excited to continue with the course and would like to learn more about the different ways of communication as a means of information.  Of all of the ways that one may do so, I would like to go deeper into art as a form of communication (cave paintings, masterpieces, etc.).  If we were to do so, I would like to take a certain piece of art and analyze what information they were giving to the people of that time.  I also think that recreating cave paintings and playing Pictionary with them would be fun!

Why I am taking this class

I am taking this class becasue I find the ways in which information is conveyed throughout time to be very interesting. And the fact that Professor McClurken is teaching this class is another plus!!


History of the Information Age

I decided to take this class for a couple reasons. One, I’d heard wonderful things about Dr. McClurken’s classes (…yes, I’m shamelessly brown-nosing…). Two, I know nothing about the information age. I guess more specifically the history of it, because some of our topics and subjects I’ve been exposed to since birth. My third reason is a petty, dumb one – my father is a huge history buff who also happens to be obsessed with technology, so if by the end of the semester I’m able to beat him in a game of information age trivia, my life would be complete.

Topics I’m Interested In

- telegraph/telephone

- advertising

- rise of mass media

- women and computing

- “truth” and identity in the digital age

Assignments I’m Interested In

- My obsession with Live Tweeting historical events never ends.

- I loved the Artificial Intelligence idea, about creating your own AI and making advertisements for it

-  the finger painting as cave painting assignment is right up my elementary education alley

- developing a propaganda campaign

Why the Information Age?

I wanted to take this class because it fit into my schedule and Dr. McClurken said we would get to use all of this cool technology. I also took this class because I know so very little about the Information Age. I’m not exactly tech savvy (regardless of what my parents think), so I thought learning about technology sounded like a good idea.

After looking at the ideas that we came up with as a class to cover, I really like how this class is looking. I am really looking forward to seeing how communication and the spread of information has developed throughout time. I hope that we get to do some type of advertisement or form of propaganda because that is open to many of the different types of technology that we have access to and it can show how information can be manipulated.

I am looking forward to see where this class takes us!

History of the Information Age Intro Blog Post

I decided to take the History of the Information Age class as it seemed to be one of the more interesting classes offered this semester.  I was not entirely sure what to expect before I looked at the syllabus because I know very few details about the technology of the past. I thought it would be interesting to gain a better understanding of the technologies that I have only a vague notion of.

Social Media is probably one the topics that I most want to explore in this class.  I know of many different social media sites in use now.  I think it would be interesting to take a closer look about how social media has changed the way that we interact was people. Another topic I think would be interesting is early computers.  My dad used to tell me about working on computers while he was in the Navy. The fact that computers used to ridiculously large is interesting to me as the only computers I have seen in person have been much smaller. I think it would be fun to do some sort of video project no matter what the topic is. I don’t really know what i want to learn about past this, anything would be interesting.


Why I Am Taking This Class

I decided to take the History of the Information Age because I am interested to learn how technology has developed and changed over time. I actually know very little about the history of information and its exchange. Although I initially thought “the Information Age” meant we would only be covering modern technology, in our first two classes, I realized that forms of communication and information can go as far back as cave paintings. I am also taking this class because it counts towards the History major, and I plan to graduate in May.

Some topics I would like to cover this semester include:

  • Hieroglyphs
  • American and international propaganda during WWI and WWII
  • Morse code
  • Telegrams
  • The printing press


  • Groups create their own propaganda films, posters, etc.
  • A class-wide project